Day 48: Holding Together

  I clutch my ideas   Day 48: Holding together … Synonyms for Grasp (understanding) awareness knowledge mastery realisation comprehension ken perception Synonyms for Grasp (grab) clasp clutch grip bag clinch collar corral enclose grapple hold hook land snatch take take hold of Understand (etymology) O.E. understandan “comprehend, grasp the idea of,” probably lit. “stand […]

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Day 47: The seeker

what you seek is seeking you – Rumi Day 47: The Seeker “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Words are powerful, more powerful often than we realise. In the world we live in people are often […]

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Day 45: My words tangle

― Be quiet and clear now like the final touch points of calligraphy. This post is part of a project I ran earlier this year ‘100 paintings, 100 days’. Some of the 100 days are still available, and this is one of them -Make me an offer! To subscribe for my current email project ‘Advent’ […]

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Day 42: memory of Leioa

no matter how deeply I go down into myself my God is dark, and like a webbing made of a hundred roots, that drink in silence. – RAINER MARIA RILKE Day 42: A hundred roots, that drink in silence (Memory of Leioa) now for a bit of audience partication… Have you got a favourite location, […]

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Day 29: the story of a story

      Once upon a time there was a story Its end came Before its beginning And its beginning came After its end It’s heroes entered it After their death And left it Before their birth Its heroes talked About some earth about some heaven They said all sorts of things Only they didn’t […]

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Day 25: Opera Helps

  I know why I am sad, but I do not know why I am melancholy. E.M. Coiran This morning a woman came to my house, accompanied by a man. I did not know either of them. They set up a little speaker system in my front room and then sat me in a chair opposite. […]

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